Let food be thy medicine . . .

OK. First of all can we just say a huge HUGE thank you from all the A Grapefruit with Lola (AGWL, let's make it easier!) family. The love and appreciation shown for the last blog was truly overwhelming and it's safe to say you will be seeing and hearing a lot more from us :-) .

Along with the blog lovin' we received some more in depth questions about gut health and we have decided to delve a little deeper. We believe our poor gut doesn't receive the credit and TLC it deserves, besides your gut is essential for more than just instincts! It has to make sure your body gets fed, absorb nutrients and discreetly get rid of well you know - what's not needed. A very complex job, i think you'll all agree!

There are stacks of 'counter' digestive remedies out there, all claiming to be "the answer". However, here at AGWL we're all about delving into the nitty gritty! We preach that by using the correct products and re jigging your daily rituals, you can get down to the cause of the upset and most importantly prevent it.

We're asking you to dispose of your counter remedies and join the fermented revolution! Fear not, this is not an invitation into a secret cult. No, no, this is merely an insight into the world of fermented foods. "DON'T RUN A MILE", just hear us out. We are fully aware that fermented foods have a certain stigma attached to them, associations tend to be that they taste off, sour or pickled. Which yes, we will admit Sauerkraut does have a pickled aroma. So if your'e the kind that order your burger 'sans' gherkin then the kraut isn't for you. However, maybe you will find something that doesn't tickle your pickle in the list below;

  • Unpasteurised miso
  • Tempeh, made from fermented soybeans
  • Yoghurt and Kefir made with live cultures
  • Fermented drinks and tea - including KOMBUCHA

Notice, the emphasis on Kombucha ?! Ok, so we are a little obsessed. Have you ever tried Love Kombucha before?! The clue is in the name, one sip and you instantly form an love affair with this tasty, sexy and gut friendly beverage. We TOLD you we are obsessed and it's brewed locally . . . even better !!

If you did in fact "RUN A MILE" when the thought of  adding any of the above into your diet , then start with Love Kombucha. A cultured beverage made by fermenting tea with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (known as SCOBY). The result?! A refreshing, effervescent drink that is low in sugar, full of enzymes and probiotics. An easy, tasty addition that satisfies any potential sweet craving as well as blissfully settling your gut. If we had to pick a favourite it would be 'Ginger and Lime' - outstandingly delicious and a perfect replacement for a 'Ginger Mule' for those who enjoy a cocktail as much as we do ;-). 

January and February get a bad rep and are often named the "boring months" it's also every detox and diet authors dream!!! Want our best advice?! Ditch the detox and the crash diets and listen to your body. Best way to get back to your bodies natural rhythm is by adding natural gut healing supplements (as mentioned above) into your daily routine and just eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Not forgetting the power of movement. Have you taken that YOGA class yet? Its the New Year, your year, NOW is the time! Click on the picture below and book your first class with Emily . Appreciate her fun, sassy style and find and unlock your Vinyasa Flow.

You just can't beat a good ol' bowl of berries . . . natures candy! Vivacious in colour and brimming with antioxidants. However, where they are grown and how they reach our plate makes ALL the difference. The berries are grown in their native land of Finland, wild harvested (explanation to follow) and then dried out and ground to a powder. Meaning they are TWICE as powerful - the goodness is locked in and sealed for up to TWO years. Say goodbye to molding off berries and hello to the modern day 'fairy dust' . . . simply sprinkle Arctic Berries on whatever you please and watch your food transform into a rich rainbow of health. 

Please allow us to unleash our inner geek and give you a brief explanation of the difference between Organic and Wild harvested . . . * assembles perfect pigtails and taps pen*.

You can't get fresher than wild harvested, berries are grown in their natural habitat, soaking in all the nutrients from the original landscape and absorbing all of the elements. Whether it rains or shines, the berries naturally adapt to their surroundings and it is in fact one of the reasons that Arctic Berries are so nutritious as they are used to blossoming in harsher weather conditions. 

Organically grown berries are taken out of their natural habitat to a different environment hence the (commonly used) description planted or farmed. Don't for one second think were hatin' on organic berries . . . not one bit, they're still super tasty and beneficial. We just think that Arctic Berries are pretty spectacular and absolutely jam packed with nutrients. 

Still with us?! The smallest of changes can really help your health, do not underestimate the power of good gut health. Ditch the FADS and crazy diets and instead let food be thy medicine! Your task for this week . . . embrace natural supplements and re store faith in good nutrition. 

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Until next time,

Maxine x