Go with your Gut . . .

Stomach, Tummy, Belly . . . there are many ways to refer to your gut and there are also many common health aliments associated with it. When something isn’t right your health can be compromised.

To name the main and most common denominator . . . drum roll please . . . I.B.S (irritable bowel syndrome). Symptoms include bloating, cramping, constipation and now how do I put this delicately. . β€œThe runs”!

Recently there has been a lot of public attention drawn around Chrohn’s Disease (in a nut shell - an inflammatory bowel disease affecting the colon and intestine). Celebrities such as Sam Faiers (The Only Way is Essex) and Dynamo (the infamous magician) have been very public about their battle with the illness.

I promise this isn’t a science lesson – stick with me.

My aim today is to bring you natural and accessible remedies to cure any gut problems you may encounter. Whether you suffer from a bowel related illness, you are Celiac (gluten intolerant) you suffer from any other allergies or if you just feel something β€˜ain’t’ right in there.

Here at A Grapefruit with Lola we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to bring a bit of serenity to that stomach of yours ☺.

Have you ever heard of Plenish Water +?! If you haven’t then where have you been hiding darling?! It’s the β€˜Chanel’ of probiotics! @plenishcleanse isn’t your average pro biotic . . . Oh no it breaks the mould. Containing bioactive cultures (bacillus coagulans) for a healthy gut, alongside organic fruit flavours, all combined into a refreshing and hydrating water. All of the benefits with no absolutely NO sacrifice to the flavour. Can be consumed on the go, whilst working out or as a 4pm pick me up at your desk. We LOVE Pineapple Ginger – Hydrate and Protect the perfect balance of spicy, sweet and most importantly soothing .



Plenish+ also have some really helpful tips on how to cook and eat for a calmer stomach . . . during the winter months why not try using a slow cooker and embrace the season of the soup and stews! Cooked foods are much more gentle on the stomach and there's nothing nicer than coming back to an inviting bowl of somethin' HOT ;-).


Could you be doing anything else to encourage a healthy gut?!

You know it!! Move. Simple! I know when that awful gut wrenching feeling strikes all you want to do is grab your onesie, shut the curtains and cuddle up and watch β€˜ The Kardashians’ . . . come to think of it THAT does sound appealing!

However, it ain’t going to make that feeling go away – my advice. Yoga – now I am no β€˜Yogi’ but these are my two favorite gut calming stretches that can help a β€˜sistaaaa’ out!

β€˜Childs Pose ’(upper) and the β€˜Rocking Baby ’(lower) are all perfect for stimulating digestion and stretching out your stomach. Side note – β€˜Rocking Baby’ can look hilarious. Don’t take yourself too seriously and roll with it (literally).

Haven’t got the space to channel your inner 'Yogi' or think it may cause ruptures at work?! There is nothing that a good old fashioned hot water bottle can’t fix. It will warm those cramps right up and brings a real sense of nostalgia. These days you can purchase quite the stylish model (discreet too) so that it is nobody’s business but your guts!

Another tip - treat life like a fashion runway . . . That’s right! Walk like your Naomi Campbell.

I’m not asking you to whack 9 inch heels on and β€œwhip your hair back and forth” (however if this floats your boat – then by all means). Posture – slide your shoulders, straighten your back, chin up and β€˜WERK’it. Good posture promotes a good gut.

When it comes to the end of the day there’s nothing better than winding down with a calming bath, lit candles and a cup of soothing herbal tea- we love the Three Mint Blend, and Peppermint & Licorice @pukkaherbs (mint- a natural digestive). This will also encourage a good night’s slumber zzzzzzzz! Essential for your gut health and let’s be honest nobody likes a β€˜Cranky Nancy’!

De-Stressing your mind will De-stress your stomach . . . They’re connected you know! Look up the brain/gut axis – it’s a big thing! Mediation is the perfect way to clear the mind and focus on that pure connection with your body . . . if you have mastered this art form then you deserve a gold medal. I’m yet to find my inner chi . . . I’ll get there. Until then, I’ll stick with my β€˜Rocking Baby’ ;-).

Click on the pictures above to stock up on our gut healing favourites and show that stomach who is BOSS!

And remember always β€˜Go with your Gut’.

Maxine X