Some of the innovative health food brands we work with...

Product tastings

An often overlooked pursuit, store tastings can provide an unrivalled opportunity to introduce your products to new customers whilst building rapport with those selling on your behalf. When done right, store tastings can be as powerful as any advertising campaign in securing long term sales results. Furthermore, store tastings offer an unrivalled insight into consumer behaviour, retailer strategy,  and into the barriers preventing your product from selling. 

We provide a passionate and highly-enthusiastic demonstration team who are pre-trained in your brand and your products. Our staff are hand-picked for their professionalism and personality then thoroughly educated in the benefits of the the products they promote, down to a scientific level. 

Representation & promotion

Founders of young health food companies are often so busy running their business that they struggle to dedicate sufficient time to representing it. We specialise in taking this pressure off your shoulders, championing your brand on your behalf with as much passion as if it were our own. 

We provide professional representation at trade and consumer shows as well as over multiple social media platforms, all with the scientific backing of my Dietetics qualification and vast sales experience. Our extensive contact pool frequently allows for exciting new collaborations and connections between businesses. We can engage with PR consultants, organising innovative events and educational workshops.

A little advice

Working with a range of innovative health food brands has allowed us a profound insight into this niche industry.

We can advise on the market demand for new product ideas, on their nutritional values, and on suitable promotional strategies. 

We can help educate your staff in the science behind the health benefits of your products, promoting responsible selling which is routed in scientific knowledge. 

Selling to wholesale 

It's essential that your products sell through the right channels to reach the right customers. Approaching buyers can be daunting, but our experience and contacts with the likes of Wholefoods and Planet Organic can streamline the entire process.

We can approach and negotiate with retailers on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your business and its products.


Store healthchecks

Having stores stock your products is only half the battle. Smaller brands are frequently dismayed to discover that their products haven't been restocked or have been positioned wrongly in the store.

'Retail Detail' is a key service we offer to our clients whereby we carry out regular visits to stockist to ensure products are properly positioned, both on the shelves and in the minds of the staff.