Lola Biggs
BSc(Hons) Dietitian & Brand Consultant

As a qualified Dietitian I've a passion for holistic, healthy living. I've a fantastic aptitude for communication and for the promotion of products and ideas which share my values. I'm an educator at heart and revel in genuine, human interaction, especially when it entails the discussion of positive lifestyle changes. 

My studies took me to Glasgow Caledonian University and King’s College London, where I undertook clinical placements at various prestigious medical institutions. The humbling experience of working with patients suffering from terminal illness only reinforced my desire to promote healthy living through nutrition, helping to change people’s lives for the better in my own small way. 

Originally (and still!) a Geordie, I'm now based in London where I work with a range of innovative health food brands and private clients. 

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you or your business. I look forward to connecting.

Stay healthy,